Birthday of Pushkin – poems and essays by Alexander Korotko
4 June 2019
June 6 is the birthday of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. Already on the eve of this date, the entire reading world remembers the genius poet, his poetry and prose, examines his numerous drawings, which so easily lay on the fields of manuscripts. And the poet’s entire short life does not seem to be a succession of events, but one big phenomenon, which has not yet been fully realized. How many artists, sculptors, musicians, actors and directors, literary critics and writers tried to touch his name! However, all their attempts are only versions that indicate either a desire to discover the measure of their own talent, or a desire to participate in the competition for the best researcher. Why are the poet’s private life, mystery and magic of his creations so attractive? And this is one of the mysteries left by Pushkin more than one generation. Alexander Korotko several years ago created a series of poetic essays about the poet, in which the reader will not find either pompous praises or attempts to show their erudition. Instead of “kilometers” of reasoning are simple and surprisingly accurate words: “А гений, разве он виновен, что жребий был ему дарован? Как он распорядился им, не нам судить, на то есть Бoжья воля ”. On the main page are two poems about Pushkin, and the page of the site to which the link is given, gives the opportunity to read a series of essays “Pushkin is our sky”: