Book of miniatures The future returned to the past was translated into Ukrainian
29 November 2016
“Maybutnie povernulos v minule” – so in the Ukrainian language the name of the book of miniatures “The Future Returned to the Past” sounds, which was recently published in the Kiev publishing house “SUMMIT-book”. On the initiative of the director of this publishing house, Ivan Stepurin, the book was translated into Ukrainian in a short time, prepared for publication and published just before the Lviv Book Fair – XXIII Lviv Forum of Exhibitions, where it was presented to the Ukrainian-speaking reader. Translations were brilliantly performed by the poet Vladimir Kadenko and philologist Olga Ilchuk and “polished” by professional publishing editor Julia Dvoretskaya. As a result, miniatures played with new colors at the same semantic depth of the original. Some of the one-lines acquired, speaking Ukrainian, “vishukanist.” Here are a few examples. The technique used in the publication of both books is also interesting: they are in the same format, design, and are equally twisted (the only difference is in the color of the binding). A non-standard approach always distinguishes Alexander Korotko, whether it is his multifaceted creativity, his attachments, his private life. Read the page of the author’s site Interview, and much will open up for you.