Books, movies, painting
20 August 2017
This year, three essays by Alexander Korotko were posted on the Internet: “On Cinema,” “On Museums,” and “Why Should I Read Books?”. Without pretending to teach, giving no advice to anyone, the poet talks about his own experience of living next to art, or rather, within art. This deeply sincere recognition of the power of these masterpieces created with the help of a pen, brush or camera, but most importantly, thanks to the talent of the masters. On the main page of the site, under the heading THE NEWEST, visitors will see a peculiar continuation of the essay “On museums” that arose after the recent visit to the two most grandiose collections of works by world-class artists. In addition, in violation of traditions, the poem “Painting”, written several years ago, is also proposed here, but its publication is thematically justified. In addition, three essays “BOOKS, CINEMA, PAINTING” can be read by following the link: