Brilliant translation of the poem in Ukrainian
10 May 2020
For several years, Alexander Korotko is posting works of various genres on his Facebook page. The last two posts – the poem “Tabula rasa of the Moon …” with its own preamble to it and following it – a translation of the same poem into Ukrainian, proposed to the author by Olga Ilchuk. This is not the first time that Olga has translated works of Korotko, and each time he takes an active part in this work, discussing variants for a lexical, stylistic character. The author is extremely attentive to his texts, and it concerns not only to translations into Ukrainian, but also into English (he speaks both languages). The translation of the poem into Ukrainian is accompanied by the thoughts of Alexander Korotko about the translation of poetry in general: “I have already presented Olya Ilchuk on my page more than once. The translation you are about to read now does not need comment. But I am becoming more and more convinced that it is not enough for a translator to know his native language and the language from which the translation is carried out. And it turns out that it’s not enough to know and love poetry in general, and the translated poetry – in particular, it is much more important to know and feel the poet’s soul. ” The original of the poem “Tabula rasa of the Moon …” and the introduction to its spring theme are available on the main page of the Russian-language version of the site, and Olga Ilchuk’s translation can also be read on the main page of the Ukrainian version.