Chalik and Helik on the page of the site Novels
28 December 2016
Two new characters settled on the page “Novels.” Named, Chalik and Helik thay became the title of the work from the cycle “Another Odessa”, which is gradually replenished and promises to grow into a book. As in the previous novel “Baer and Cucumber”, the reader is offered an unusual stylistic reception – an original vocabulary with the help of which caricature, exaggerated images of characters are created: “Chalik made to Helik drumm. Not that Helik was upset, he just was very rotted. All the same, they have been kissing together for so many years, and here for no reason … “This mediated speech, the author’s find, is organic for the texts of short stories, the language is absolutely understandable to readers, since with his help Alexander Korotko narrates about the real, not the far-fetched life situations. Heroes, ordinary people, especially unremarkable, ridiculous and touching at the same time, cause sincere sympathy, a smile, empathy. It makes no sense to retell the story of a new thing – the novel “Chalik and Helik” needs to be read – and become kinder. This is the talent of the narrator.