Cities and countries in the poetry of Alexander Korotko
14 June 2019
One of the major themes in the work of Alexander Korotko is his poetic impressions of traveling around the world. Continents, countries, cities and towns have taken the form of poetic works – and this is not a simple traveler’s view, much less a tourist, but always a discoverer of new or long forgotten lands. From the shortest lines “Geography was taken away from the locality” or “I left the city as a legacy to my friends” – to the poetic cycles of the “City” and the big poems: “Venice”, “Paris”, “Jerusalem” … Many of the things listed above, and even more of the unnamed, were included in the poetry books of Alexander Korotko, published in periodicals, collections, anthologies, on the personal Facebook page, sounded at poetry evenings. The philosophy, the freshness of the poetic word, the flight of thought and its soaring above the terrain in combination with real “here and now” cause the reader to understand that he and the author are walking along the stone streets of old European cities, stopping in the squares in front of the Gothic temple, synagogue or the town hall, comes into galleries, museums and you never know where else. It is full sense of being at a specific point on the map of the earth. Two amazing works “Spain” and “Greece” are published on the main page of the site, which are worth reading and re-reading, finding new colors, phrase music and imbued with solar poetic energy every time. And in the author’s reading we offer to listen to the poem “Bakhchisarai”, which opens the poem of Alexander Korotko with the same name. Audio recordings with a video series date back to 2012 and are here: