Collection of selected poetry about the sea has filled up the page CYCLES
31 July 2017
Poems about the sea, like good prose, and talented painting on this subject, attract and fascinate, because the sea surface or the abyss is not just a natural geographical concept, but a philosophical category, one of the root causes of the existence of life itself, a repository of history, a symbol of Freedom and a powerful source of knowledge, information, but … not allowed to everyone. In literature there are no calculus of examples of the “sea” theme, but few are able to find those techniques and images with which they can convey strong feelings – admiration, delight with the beauty and grandeur of this incredible power or the fear of the impossibility of comprehending the secrets of the insidious water element. Mythology, antiquity, classical poetry, the Silver Age and finally modern literature make me remember a lot of names (for example, the classics of Zhukovsky, Pushkin, Lermontov, Byron, Tyutchev … who have a “breathes” sea, and images are fresh and accurate). And how many mediocre, stamped cliches in this boundless sea of works about the sea (sorry for the tautology)! “Sea” poetry of Alexander Korotko, as well as all his work, is surprisingly far from descriptiveness, his artistic means are mean and not superficial, and the very theme of the sea is only an occasion to say about what is experienced here and now or to recall the experience and feelings that have been experienced. Without the beauty and the desire to shine with a metaphor, the author succeeds in achieving that the reader sees splashes of waves – grapeshot, or as on the second day after the storm, exhausted waves, like a caravan of camels in the desert, swaying to the beat of the wind, bring to the shore an indifferent recognition of the horizon, and maybe, think about sea salt truth. The sea by Korotko is “alive”, it has a soul and a mighty energy, its sea is both the apotheosis of loneliness, and Divine wisdom. Verses by Alexander Korotko about the sea are published on the MAIN PAGE of the site and on the page CYCLES: