Dmitry Drozdovsky about the poem “Stus”
20 May 2020
Review on the first reading of a strong thing is always special. Its author does not hide his enthusiasm, emotions “roll over” – and a work is born with a bright presence of improvisation and purity of perception. Isn’t this the value? The article-essay “The Loneliness of the Odyssey”, or STUS as a myth in the poem by A. Korotko, was written by Dmitry Drozdovsky “in hot pursuit,” even before the author of the poem put an end to it, adding another chapter. Thus, after the essay appeared, the poem was finalized, but this did not affect the depth of Drozdovsky’s understanding of the author’s intention and the enumeration of those expressive innovative means that were used. It is extremely interesting to follow the development of thoughts about the poem. Dmitry Drozdovsky built his in-depth analysis from the very first lines, following the mathematical principle: “In the poem “Stus” by Alexander Korotko there is a clear division into poles, and the whole poem resembles a grid with an axis of coordinates.” By the way, mathematics is not at all alien to the author of the poem (Alexander Korotko is an economist by basic education), and almost all of his works are basically horizontal and vertical, on which poetic images, incredible metaphors and other literary devices, without which poetry is dead, are strung. Literally after the letter with the text of essay, sent to Alexander Korotko, Dmitry Drozdovsky wrote another personal message that he allowed publishing on the site. This letter is posted on the REVIEWS page, along with another one review, but on your own essay. Inna Dukert, a member of the team working on supporting the official site, and in this case just a reader, thanks both the author of the poem and the author of a professional critical article for the opportunity to penetrate deeper into the wonderful world of Vasyl Stus, a poet and a unique person.