E-books of Alexander Korotko at LitRes
23 October 2020
Two books of poetry, “The Apprentice” and “The Mausoleum of the Memory”, were first offered to readers in an electronic version.LitRes is a large publishing platform, by placing publications, makes it possible to access for reading or purchase by downloading.Both books contain many new verses, both of which have been translated into English.”The Apprentice” – about artists in the broad sense of the word, working in the field of philosophy, literature, painting, graphics, cinematography, – about all those whose works fell into the area of ​​aesthetic views of Alexander Korotko.So why are the recognized masters named apprentices by him? Because they are in the service of the Creator, in fact, like the author himself.   In the publication “The mausoleum of the memory”, the author included his civic poetry. The tragic pages of history related to revolutions, wars, the horrors of the GULAG, the Holocaust unfold before the readers; then the era of the “scoop” and its decay, and in the center of all this – “man, humanity, destiny …” The main page of the site contains poetry excerpts from these books.