“Energy” avant-garde poetry of A.Korotko
23 December 2019
On the main page of the site were published two new poems by Alexander Korotko, which were written in the last days of the last month of the outgoing year. Both of them continue the cycle of “COLONIAL FUN”, which will include the works of the poet, with a new quality – semantic, when the first place is a special poetic logic, and the metaphor replace to the second. At the same time, the aesthetics of poetry remains the same, but becomes more powerful energetically. This does not mean that Alexander Korotko experiment with the word, the way of rhyming and other versification attributes – this is evidence of the constant movement forward in the framework of his avangarde view of art in general and his own creativity in particular. In conclusion, we present a ten-year quote from the preface of the philosopher and writer Vadim Rabinovich to his book “I did not live on earth”, which is a confirmation that the poet Alexander Korotko certainly has a direct relationship to world culture: “Сам себе конструктор. Сам же себе и приёмщик. И жилец в своих зданиях мира. Аудио-визуальный Корбюзье…” Read the full text of the introductory article “view of the universe” here