Etudes and parables – updating of the Alexander Korotko’s blog
7 October 2020

The new publication, which was composed of etudes and parables, written recently, confirms that Alexander Korotko is a master in the field of literary miniatures. These are aphoristic and poetical one-lines and already mentioned parables, etudes, sketches. The novels and essays of the writer also tend to laconism, not differing verbosity and lengthy reasoning. Whichever genre belongs to this or that miniature, it always represents a finished work with a high degree of metaphoricality, honed by philosophical thought, a wise interpretation of events and phenomena. Today’s publication, replenished

Alexander Korotko’s blog, is elegant from the point of view of literature and is relevant from the standpoint of what is happening with the modern man and the whole world. One of the miniatures – about the metamorphoses that occur with the faces and souls of the powers that be, is placed on the main page of this site.