Evening of poetry in the National Museum of Literature of Ukrainе
12 May 2018
  May 8, 2018 in the National Museum of Literature of Ukraine was a poetic evening. Sounded modern poetry in Ukrainian, Russian, French, Norwegian. The audience received a unique opportunity to meet with high-level writers, laureates of prestigious national and international awards and simply wonderful talented people. Nicole Laurent-Katrice (France), Erling Kittelsen (Norway) and well-known Ukrainian writers Pavlo Movchan, Alexander Korotko, Vasily Dovzhik, Dmitry Chistyak, as well as publisher Ivan Stepurin addressed the guests of the evening. Poems by Alexander Korotko were heard in three languages ​​- in the author’s reading, as well as by translators Nicole Laurent-Katris, Dmitry Chistyak, who were working on the translations of the recently published French book “La grenouille rouge”, and an interpreter for the Ukrainian language by Vasily Dovzhik. The film-reportage about this evening is on the YouTube site and on the author’s site: