Immersion without words

“Poetry demands from the reader such knowledge that accumulates only at leisure and in reflection, and because we live in a very intense and rapid time, people do not have to dive in. Poetry is a language of passions, and always believe me, there are people who read for a pleasure, “said the famous Kiev poet Alexander Korotko once in an interview. And the publishing house “Fact” provided an excellent opportunity to accomplish this “immersion”, publishing a collection of his poetry “Silent Songs.” In addition to the author’s short, rhymed revelations, it also contains poems that were put on music and were performed by well-known pop singers: Yuri Bogatikov, Iosif Kobzon, Nikolai Karachentsov, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Taisiya Povaliy, Alexander Malinin.

These songs are recorded on CD, which is attached to the collection.
Irina Kononchuk “The Kiev Telegraph”