“Europe Books” promotes “Moon Boy” on the book market
16 December 2020
Publishing house “Europe Books” (London), having published the book of Alexander Korotko translated by Michael Pursglove “Moon Boy”, has launched a sales campaign. The first stage is a well-designed and consistent (step by step) advertising campaign. By posting data about the book on its website, the publisher has planned its further promotion.Before the coming Christmas, a promotion was carried out for an informational distribution of the poster, which, in addition to the Internet, is supposed to be placed in bookstores where the book will be selling. The next step is information for the media, about which the author was notified: “We will inform you about the media that we have contacted about your book. We sent them a press release of your book and all the information, asking them to get a review, interview or a simple mention on their channels. ” The most famous Ukrainian and British mass media in Ukraine were covered. PRESS: Kyiv Post, EuroNews, Unian, Independent, VoaNews, Trt World, Ukrainskaya Pravda, DailyRecord, TheGuardian, TheHerald, TheSun, Observer, BBC london;   RADIO: Radio Svoboda,, Radio Ukraine International, Virgin Radio Uk, BBC.