For the first time: Alexander Korotko with a poetic selection in the magazine Krugozor (Boston)
28 December 2016
In the last issue of the magazine Krugozor (March 2014), published in Boston, in the Poetry chapter were published poems and essays by Alexander Korotko, dated December 2013 – March 2014. “Good and evil do not coexist” – in this line, which titled the publication, philosophical and civic poetry assessment of what has happened and is happening to Ukraine, Crimea, Europe, and without exaggeration with all countries and continents is concluded. Again, as it has more than once happened in history, people are divided. Some have been blinded by anger, others have been consumed by greed, others have become hostages of lies and cynicism, many have simply become embarrassed, but there are those who believe in good, the peaceful outcome of conflicts, freedom of choice. The essay, the introductory word that precedes the selection, ends with the words: What will happen next? There will be life. People will remember the commandments – do not kill, do not steal, do not make yourself an idol. “Krugozor” magazine has an electronic version, which presents its new author Alexander Korotko with a selection of civic poetry – one of the facets of his many-sided creativity: