For the first time on the site: review of 2002 on verses and one-liners by Alexander Korotko
28 December 2016
Irina Sotnikova, poet, novelist and literary critic, in 2002 wrote a review of some poems and one-liners by Alexander Korotko and a year later published in the newspaper “Literary Crimea”. It took eleven years for the article to reach its main character. This is not the first time that significant and important things for the author “lay down on the bottom”, as if waiting for their hour. So it was with a letter from Pavel Zagrebelny, addressed to Alexander Korotko, which for a long time lay in the poet’s archive and on one, really beautiful, day was found and read. It turned out that this review of the master for a new then poetic collection, which is a deep analysis of the work of a younger literary colleague. Another example: not so long ago appeared Greek translations of a large selection of early poems. Sometimes “irreversible” (a line from an early Korotko’s poem) verses and other texts about which the author himself forgot completely, and they suddenly reminded of themselves. This is not absent-mindedness, carelessness or sloppiness – the poet, on the contrary, is always accurate, pedantic and even too demanding of himself and those who are close and has access to documents, papers, especially those related to his work. All these unexpected acquisitions go back to the mystical in the fate and work of Alexander Korotko. As for the article by Irina Sotnikova, everything is true in it. Irina expertly analyzed a little of the extensive work of Alexander Korotko, unexpectedly choosing poetry, loved by himself, guessed the hidden, coincided in the assessment, anticipated what others had said much later. There is no point in retelling, quoting this article, whose title is itself a quote from Korotko: Teach me to live, crazy dawn … It is better to read it.