Frenetic Hillary Shears
25 July 2020
Hillary Shears translated into English three more poems of Alexander Korotko – “Venice”, “Paris”, “Beloved by the Sun”. Before that she had translated a significant number of poems and the poem “Towards the Dawn”. Hillary has a strong character, working capacity and ability to listen and hear. In an amazing way, the poet and the translator also coincided energetically. Their close cooperation consists in a constant discussion of the subtleties of the author’s intention, poetic techniques, expressive means, and this despite the fact that both have never seen each other. The scheduled meeting did not take place due to the pandemic.Warm relations arose on the basis of mutual respect: Hillary Shears – to the talent and professionalism of the poet, Alexander Korotko – to the talent and professionalism of the poet and translator. And one more person participates in all translation projects – this is Dmitry Drozdovsky, a writer, literary critic, a fine connoisseur of modern literature. He recently wrote Korotko: “Hillary is glad to hear from you that we are working as one team – she is very impressed by it, this kind of teamwork.”