In memory of the Holocaust victims who were shot in Voronovitsa
12 February 2019
Voronovytsa is a Jewish town in the Vinnytsia region, where about 3,000 Jews in the period of 1941 – 1943 years was shot, they were inhabitants of this town and the surrounding settlements. There were three synagogues where people were escorted and then sent to the place of execution. Local residents, representatives of the town administration and numerous guests gathered in the Voronovitsaes library in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. Shaul Horowitz (the chief Rabbi of Vinnitsa and Vinnytsia region), Leonid Trachtenberg (Director of the Vinnitsa Museum of Holocaust history) and representatives of the Jewish community of Vinnitsa honored the memory of the victims. Alexander Korotko, who is well known for his creative meetings in Vinnitsa, has works about the Holocaust, this world evil. This topic cannot be bypassed by any creative person. Lyudmila Brendak, one of the participants of the Holocaust remembrance evening in Voronovitsa, read two poems by Alexander Korotko, translated by her into Ukrainian – “Terezin” and “Babiy Yar”. Both poems you can read on the main page of the site.