In the section Creativity on the page of the poem a new topic – poems about love
28 December 2016
A large block of poetry, grouped by subject in the section of the site “Creativity”, is supplemented with a page Love lyrics . This includes poems published in books, almanacs, magazines and newspapers, on literary sites, as well as new works with which visitors to the site will meet for the first time.   Poems about love in the work of poets of all time have always been and still are of particular interest to readers. A good confirmation of this today is the Internet: it is thanks to this topic that many network and other resources have such high ratings.   Undoubtedly, a high feeling requires a particularly careful treatment of the poetic word, because the love lyrics are intimacy and passion, the nakedness of the soul, incredible emotion. For the embodiment of the plan, more than a long literary experience or skill is needed. Maybe that’s why there are not so many poems about love in the lyrics of Alexander Korotko: the poet is extremely demanding of himself, the problem of selecting poetry for publications is more important to him than the process of writing them. On the new page of the site, readers will meet with samples of love lyrics, approved by the author’s heart and mind.   Some poems about love in different years have become songs and romances: on the pages of this site, and on the portal You Tube they can be seen and heard in the performance Nikolay Karachentsov (“I’m using the term”), Tamara Gverdtsiteli (“On the Seven Winds”, “I am a Secret”), Alexandr Malinin (“Moonlight Sonata”), Taisia Povaliy (“The Planet of Love”, “Oh, Happiness”), Philip Kirkorov (“Oh, the road”), Inna Pushkar (“Lost heaven”). Note that the texts were not written specifically for the songs, each of them – this is an original poem, laid to the music at the request of the composer.