Interview with Alexander Korotko in the May issue of the journal Krugozor
28 December 2016
In the March issue of the magazine Krugozor, published in Boston, Alexander Korotko’s poems and essays “Do not get on good and evil” about the events in Ukraine were published. The May issue of Krugozor continues to acquaint its readers with the Kiev poet, placing in the “Guest Room” column an exclusive interview with Alexander Korotko “Poetry is only a tool for comprehending the Divine”, which he gave to journalist Rachel Giedrich.   In his answers to questions about creativity, about life in many of its manifestations presupposing frankness, the poet is extremely honest, but also restrained, which indicates the depth of his inner world, which fills faith. In the text of the interview, Rachel Giedrich cited quotations from Alexander Korotko’s works as a confirmation.   The electronic version of the publication in “Krugozor” magazine or on the site page Interview.