Interview with Alexander Korotko is published on the website GORDON
29 November 2016
A new book by Korotko “The future returned to the past” became an event in the cultural life of Kiev this summer. Journalists of the leading metropolitan newspapers – the newspaper “Facts” (in June) and the newspaper “Gordon Boulevard” took the author extensive interviews, the theme of which is creativity, the place of the artist of the word in the modern world. Today’s interview is published on the Gordon website (electronic version of the weekly) with the preamble: “In an interview with the GORDON publication, the famous Ukrainian poet Alexander Korotko told about his new book of aphoristic miniatures” The future returned to the past “and how modern writers work in the conditions of a reader’s and publisher’s shortage. ” However, in the interview – answers to a significant number of other issues relating to the personality of Alexander Korotko, his civic position, attitude to his own creativity, way of life, habits. Sincerity, openness, goodwill, maturity, on the one hand, and irony in relation to negative processes in society, on the other, distinguish the writer’s interview, entitled his words: “Poetry with God’s help has not lost the poet. As for reader it is problematic. ”