Many-faced time

The darkest times give birth to the most beautiful things. Aleksander Korotko, in his new essay, cuts the darkness of confusion like a cloth with a sharp blade of artistic images. And through exceptional artistic metaphors, we are able to see more clearly, more than blackout-weary eyes can see. A many-faceted jockey – time never slows down its run. This has happened countless times before – the relentless rider shows no interest in the human grandstands. But in the second part of the essay, the author sheds even more light on readers confused by this discovery. We understand who made the right bet in the eternal race. Bet on uncompromising freedom that knows no fear. The jockey is still moving, but the winner has already been determined.

Many-faced time. Here it is in the form of a jockey, pulling the reins of seconds and minutes in the desire to come first, without looking around, runs under the insatiable exclamations of the grandstands in a vicious circle of the hippodrome of life, not knowing what awaits us ahead.

And here it is already in the form of the sun, shines on us from the inside, and makes our life bright and unique, and it doesn’t matter that the light went out, this is not the end of
the World, this is only its beginning, embodying all our aspirations for independence and freedom of the spirit.