Masya – this is the name of the main character of the novel of the same name
3 April 2017
A fragment of the short story “Masya” from the prosaic Odessa cycle is published on the site, which is constantly updated with new works. Masya is the hero of the story written this year. In fact, his name is Solomon Volkovich, but Masya he was called by his deceased spouse, and Makler by himself.   This image is ambiguous, voluminous and “alive”. Thanks to details, speech characteristics and authoring skills, Masya as if descended from the pages of the manuscript and is waiting somewhere near, in the old Odessa, on the Little Arnautskaya.   Readers, I think, will see in this story elements of the Gogol tradition, someone will compare with Babel, but in fact the text is unique and does not look like the previous samples.   The language of the story is juicy and original, and the philosophical basis forces not only to enjoy the richness of descriptions and subtexts, but also to think about the eternal. – here you can read a fragment of the story.