Michael Pursglove translated the poem “Stus” into English
8 June 2020
The poem “STUS” has an amazing story of creation. The chapters of this work came out of the author’s pen and were immediately translated into Ukrainian by Olga Ilchuk. Alexander Korotko, without exaggeration, may be called a co-author of translations, so tightly and specifically he works not just on each translated line, but literally on every word.The same principle is at the basis of the poem’s translation into English. Michael Pursglove, no doubt, was shocked by the fate of Vasyl Stus, the glorious son of Ukraine. Tragedy, genuine admiration, pride, compassion, emotional intensity of the poet Korotko could not but find a response in the soul and the difficult work on the translation of Michael Pursglove.The English version of the poem “STUS” is impeccable and gives English-speaking readers a new name (for many of them) in Ukrainian literature.The main page of the site contains chapters of the poem in the original language and in English translation.