Our choice has no choice, we must stand and win.
We are all, and maybe not all, afraid of death, but everything depends on how you look at it.
After all when we exist (are), she is not, and when she exists, we are not, so in fact we will
never meet her.
So how can you survive and win in this war after all?
And how make miracle to happen?
And what can save us?
Certainly it is the Faith in our Father, in our Creator.
We should not repine, but trust in God!
This will give us not only vital forces, but spiritual forces, that are transformed into vital
energy, which we always, and especially now, need like air, like water, like dawn – a
harbinger of a new peaceful day.
And it is also very important to be grateful for everything, what the others do for us.
Is there light at the end of this tunnel?
Of course it is, and it is not far away, but somewhere nearby.
One has only look at everything that happens not with material, but with spiritual vision.
For this it is necessary to rise above the material, it is necessary that spiritual subjugates
the material