“Moon boy” by Alexander Korotko in the library of electronic books Andronum
17 March 2017
On March 13, the SUMMIT-BOOK publishing house, under the signature “novelty”, placed the edition “Lunar boy” in the Andronum e-book library. A detective story, a man’s prose from a woman’s face, violates all the traditional canons – there are no names, there is no geography in which events unfold, there are no familiar portrait characteristics, but the reader has the opportunity to focus on the author’s ability concisely and simultaneously reveal the inner world of heroes. The “Lunar Boy” fantastically interwoven the sharpness of the plot, the author’s subtle observations and his philosophical view of the habitual and unusual patterns of behavior and way of living in the given circumstances. So, – detective, mystification, love and death, kindness and betrayal and many other categories, skillfully used by the author and presented in an unusual way.