Moonlight Sonata – lyrics by Alexander Korotko, music and the performance of Alexander Malinin
29 December 2016
Solo album of Alexander Malinin in 1994, which included songs and romances, performed by the artist, who was then at the height of popularity, was named for the song “Moonlight Sonata” included in it. Alexander Malinin three years earlier wrote this lyrical work on the verses of Alexander Korotko, performed it a lot in concerts, including in the final concert of the rating program “Song of the Year”. More than twenty years have passed, but the “Moonlight Sonata” thanks to the Internet can be found on various music sites, listen to online or supplement your playlist with those who prefer beautiful melodious things in popular music. “Moonlight Sonata” is a love story with a dramatic ending, when two part. The leitmotif of a thing is enclosed in a string-refrain “This moonlit night is playing for us a sonata on the golden saxophone of the moon …” It is in the new video version, which added to the page of the site Video songs and the personal page of Alexander Korotko on the portal Youtube, the voice of Alexander Malinin sounds against the backdrop of moving paintings by Willem Haenraets (Netherlands) on the eternal theme – man and woman.