New page in the section Creativity / Etudes.
29 December 2016
A newly formed sub-section of the Etudes was replenished with a new page – Parables. Constant updates and additions to the structure of the site are associated with the appearance of small items, typical for Alexander Korotko (laconism, poetic language, accuracy of thought and the grace of its presentation, philosophical overtones, irony or self-irony, unexpected images, intrigue, etc.). Etudes in the writer’s work are somewhere between his Single-lines and Essays, but formed as a separate direction, as always, innovative and, as always, encouraging the reader to look for sources in Judaism and world literature. This is especially true of the Parables. One of them, in which the Biblical story is clearly discernible, and the character of the Shakespearean play is directly named in the finale, is placed on the Main page. Illustrates the parable drawing of Alexander Tyshler “Solomon Mikhoels as King Lear”.