New poem named Jerusalem on Facebook
28 December 2016
Every Saturday, on his Facebook page, Alexander Korotko posts one chapter of the new Jerusalem poem. Visitors got acquainted with three chapters (seven in all); Until the end of February the poem will be presented in full. Publications are accompanied by a translation into English by Natalia Ogienko and the work of the artist Alex Levin (Israel). The poem is based on impressions from numerous trips to Israel, dated December 27, 2013 – January 7, 2014. However, this is not the first reference to the theme of the sacred city, the “ex-libris of faith” – on the main page of the site is a poem by Alexander Korotko “Jerusalem”, referring to an earlier period. Illustrates this work is also the work of Alex Levin. Read the poem “Jerusalem” on the site and the Saturday publication of the eponymous poem on Facebook.