New poems are a surreal avant-garde and the absolute of poetic freedom
19 February 2019
Alexander’s poetry has not changed in essence since the writing of his early poems – the same handwriting, the same emphasis on associations and metaphors, the same uniqueness of the worldview – but the poetic form has changed dramatically. Horizontal lines have turned into vertical lines, going into the ocean depth, soaring to the height of the heavens, and behind this transformation are life experience, which is multiplied by skill, continuous improvement of professional qualities, and, of course, harmony of relations with one’s own soul. Alexander Korotko had a need to write either a new poetic cycle, or a poem – for him genre terminology has no special meaning, but there was a need to respond to everything that happens to the world, people, fire, water and wind, celestial bodies. From this whirl are born simple and at the same time truly “cosmic” lines, for example, such: “the Earth – is a button that is not sewn to eternity.” All poems of the new series entitled: ETHEREAL, ANYTHING, IMMOVABLE, WITHOUT RHYME OR REASON… And under these names there is a wonderful world of the artist of the word. There is always the temptation to confirm own feelings of this poetry with the opinions of those who can be trusted. Andrei Voznesensky finished his Preface to the poem “Dawn towards” in 2003 with such words that have not lost their relevance: “Alexander Korotko draws, and you look at the pictures. And the richer your own imagination, the more you will understand and discover. Because it is not right for the artist to impose his opinion on the viewer, who not just wanders through the galleries, pacing, memorizing poems of favorite poets. The author proclaims only freedom  – freedom of expression, freedom of self-perception”. The full text of the Preface is posted on the website in the CRITICISM section: On the main page of the site you can read two poems written in the last days.