New poetic essays
14 May 2017
On the main page of the site, under the heading MOST FRESH, there are two poetic essays: Khlebnikov and Modiliani, who have enriched a large cycle dedicated to those who have left their mark on the world art and whose aesthetics are taken and unintentionally accurately assessed by the poet Korotko. In this large in scope and importance cycle – an essay, different in form and presentation of the material: prosaic, poetic, and also combined both genres. In the field of cultural and literary comprehension by Alexander Korotko, the scale of the creative personality in different years included artists in the direct and broad sense of the word: poets and writers, painters and graphic artists, musicians, dance masters, film and photo artists. In this extraordinary world, those who have already left the Earth and those who continue to create have settled and live. The author’s pen with the help of the word draws portraits of Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, the pleiad of Silver Age names, representatives of the second half of XX and those few who have passed the line and serve art already in the XXI century.