New projects
7 December 2017
In the outgoing year, summing up, Alexander Korotko talked about some projects that he would like to implement in the coming year. His recently published book “The Lunar Boy” translated into Ukrainian, and in the near future – its release in a separate edition. In addition, there is a selection of poems of the past years and written recently for the translation into Ukrainian and the release of a full-fledged poetic collection. In work, at the stage of formation, one more book consisting of essays and poems-dedications, whose heroes are people of art: both contemporaries of the poet, and the most famous names in world culture. Finally, a book of prose is being written. However, in 2017, the poet Korotko was extremely active in creating new verse works – verses in one stanza, and whole cycles. On the main page under the heading THE NEWEST we place his new triptych “Stained Glass” and a lyrical winter poem.