New publication on the page of the site EVENTS
1 February 2018
The site contains materials about the awarding to Alexander Korotko of the Great Literary Prize “The Love of Freedom”. The main events connected with the poet’s stay in Paris are listed: the publication of the book of poems “The Red Frog” in a translation into French, meetings with publishers and translators and, of course, the central event – the solemn presentation of the Great Literary Prize with conferring the title of Academician of the European Academy of Sciences, art and literature. The photo essay illustrates many of the above. In several photographs, Alexander Korotko and the Secretary General of the European Academy, Dr. Nicole Lemer d’Agadio, after the award, one more – Alexander Korotko and the famous French poet Atanas Vanchev. Three photos are enclosed in the photo-report, on which translators of the book “Red Frog” Nicole Laurent-Katris and Dmitry Chistyak. For more information, see the EVENTS page: