New publication on the website of the newspaper “The Literary Ukraina”
17 July 2020
 “The Literary Ukraina”, the most respected professional publication for many years, has re-published on its website Alexander Korotko’s poems: These are samples of civil poetry by Alexander Korotko from his manuscript “The Mausoleum of the Memory”, which includes works of different years. In the future book, you may trace the history of the country and the person in it – from the time when Soviet power came with its destructive inhuman ideology, to our modern life, in which we still have to figure it out and pass a fair judgment to those who took on too much.In the manuscript, the historical realities of various periods (camp, military and post-war themes, the Holocaust, poetry about the time of the developed “scoop” and the following nineties, the tragedy of our days) are comprehended by the author with a constant philosophical approach.Korotko does not revel in “fried” details and facts, which are already numerous in literature, this is not his poetic method and not his civic position. His “The Mausoleum of the Memory” is not a musty refuge of fears, but a strong and, in spite of everything, painted mainly in light colors, a collection of poems, which for the time being were kept in memory and ripened in the soul of the poet.The manuscript has been translated into English by the wonderful Hillary Shears. On the main page of the site, read two works with