New single line miniatures
23 July 2018
In 2016, readers were presented with an unusual book of miniatures “The Future has returned to the past” the product of many years of work by the author, the famous poet and prose writer Alexander Korotko. This collection contains almost a thousand single-line miniatures, most of which are based on a pun: Тебе что, больше всех не надо? Как бы это так, чтобы никак? Если вам делать нечего, когда нечего делать, то и не делайте ничего! In addition, the book includes single-verse poems, aphoristic, and, of course, philosophical lines. The book quickly sold out, and the author decided to publish the another collection, which will include all the best, time-honoured pieces  although its main content is new miniatures written this year and last. Intensive work to select and create ever more precise phrases, rich in meaning and metaphor is in process. Some of the new works are published on the site home page.