New work – new translation
2 October 2020
Now Alexander Korotko has several manuscripts in work, to which he refers, adding, editing. This also applies to the collection of essays, which included a variety of works not only in terms of the scope of names or events, but also in the way the author’s intention was formed. Some of them are written in rhythmic prose, others in blank verse, and the text of the third (as, for example, about Pushkin, Lermontov) organically included rhymed poems. Basically, these are poetic essays, generous with metaphors and other literary techniques inherent in poetry.Alexander Korotko is extremely demanding of himself and his literary work. Some essays have been extensively edited and some have been rewritten. This also happened with the essay about Friedrich Hölderlin. On August 29 of this year, the work “Tower” was created, in short time was translated into German by Professor Peter Rykhlo and published in the journal “Vsesvit”: Now the translation into English is ready, which, was done brilliantly, as always, by Michael Pursglove. He, who speaks Russian well and perfectly conveys all the subtleties of the author’s poetic speech, highly appreciated the new work of Alexander Korotko, with which he is connected not only by literary cooperation, but also by warm human relations.  Both the original and the translation of the “TOWER” essay are posted for reading on the main page of the site and on the appropriate pages: