New year: new creative plans
10 January 2021
The previous news covered everything that was written, published and pronounced by Alexander Korotko in the past 2020. This is a kind of creative report on the most important events for the author. The new year will be dedicated to the completion of what was started. First of all, this will affect a big thing in the genre of poetic prose, an essay about Rilke, more specifically – the emergence of new chapters with the subsequent translation of the essay into German.What else? Work on the selection of verses for the new book has already begun. This will be the poetry of different years – from early to new – but, perhaps, it is too early to talk about more, it is necessary to observe at least some caution in disclosing any plans. The hint can be found on the Main page – there are published two poems from the working version of the manuscript.Alexander Korotko is not at all inclined to conceal his creative plans, he is not superstitious, but intrigue always presents. In our opinion, it encourages readers and visitors to his website and personal pages in accounts to be interested in new things that come from the pen of one of the most talented, unpredictable and productive Ukrainian writers. This is about him, about Korotko: “The soul is obliged to work …”Koortko works constantly. Take a look at the sections and pages of the site: regularly appearing works in the genres of poetry, prose, miniatures are distinguished by an incredible variety of topics, literary techniques, ways of speaking, and so on, and so on …And what about interviews, an eventful creative biographical serie, the poetry in the author’s reading? This year, updates are waiting for site visitors, and this is also part of Alexander Korotko’s idea with his beliefs and essence – an impetuous and consistent attitude to the life and creativity, the ability to bring his plans to the end. So, follow the publications. Be healthy, prosperous and open to everything new in the new year!