Novel Baer and Cucumber: not only for reading, but also for listening and watching
28 December 2016
The action of a small thing in prose “Baer and Cucumber” takes place in one of the Odessa courtyards. Characters: a mother who looks like a big gray pear, a son resembling a yellowed, pimpled, cucumber, an author and the city itself is a special, unique and beloved.   Novel was performed talently by Oleg Shkolnik, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Odessite in spirit and place of residence. The video footage, filmed and edited by Alexandra Herman, the artist’s voice and author’s design intertwined so organically that the work “Baer and Cucumber” turned into a poetic, philosophical film with nostalgic notes, permeated with love – to people, to Odessa, to the sea … In the beginning and closing frames of the film, the author appears, and it becomes clear that he is not a stranger in this city, childhood and youth have passed here, and what is written about is everything from nature, everything is true. Film “Baer and Cucumber” you can see on the website and on the personal page of Alexander Korotko on YouTube website.