Novella Son on video in the author’s performance, illustrations Anatoly Pickman
22 November 2016
Novella “Son” was written by Alexander Korotko on children’s memories and is dedicated to the memory of father – Shimon Korotko. The wonderful artist Anatoly Pickman illustrated this little work, and thanks to Sergei Zarev it acquired a leisurely but very precise movement. The text is read by the author with simplicity, sincerity, which is quite natural for the prose of this genre. The aesthetics of the novel “Son” is filled with the warmth of human relations, the product has a lot of details and signs – the end of the fifties and the beginning of the sixties of the last century, transferred in word and drawing with love to the details of life. However, this is not the main thing in the work of the creators, the main thing is the philosophy of feelings, the awareness of the inevitability of changing the earthly life to another life, real spirituality. The version of the novel “Son” is available on the page of the Video Prose site and the author’s page on YouTube.