OCEAN OF WORD — new book by Alexander Korotko
25 March 2019
Recently a book has appeared which consists of single-line and one line poems and is called OCEAN OF THE WORD, it tells about the philosophical depth, thematic breadth, and poetic courage of the author, who invited readers on a journey through the stormy waters of meanings, images, and associations. This is not the first book of miniatures. The first is “Transcription of thought”, an album of poems in one line, released in 2002. Not so long ago there was a two-volume book “the Future is back in the past” and ” Майбутнє повернулося в минуле ” (translated into Ukrainian), but in these collections the author limited himself to one-liners poems. The new edition added full one line poems. Prose, many poems and poetic cycles, poetic treatises are present in the diverse and multi-genre literary baggage of Alexander Korotko, but he tends to laconism, moreover, from the earliest period of his work. Almost all of his poetry publications included miniatures, and it is not as a supplement to the poems, but as on an equal level. And here is a new volume edition. On the main page we publish several one line poems from this book.