Oleksandr Korotko told about how to understand poetry
5 July 2024

On July 4, the author posted a post containing one sentence on his personal Facebook page:

“The time comes and everything loses its meaning.”

Subscribers of the page began to express themselves in the comments under the post, trying to explain the meaning of the author’s words.

Perhaps this is what prompted Oleksandr Korotko to publish another post in which he commented on the previous publication.

The text turned out to be conceptual and we want to share it with the readers of the site as well:

“My dear readers!

Like those who commented on my yesterday’s post, I also wanted to speak out on this issue. By the way, I don’t have many fans, and those who do, with few exceptions, leave comments. If you’ve noticed, I never comment on my posts because poetry is not just difficult, but impossible to paraphrase. In addition, I am deeply convinced that it is not the poet who should look for his reader, but the reader who should look for his poet. And it’s not just that, it’s that reading is as much a creative process as writing itself. And in this process, neither you nor I can help each other. Don’t try to literally understand what the poet wanted to say in a particular work. Only sometimes does a poet manage to make the irrational become rational.

Of course, the most difficult thing to talk about, let alone write about, is the spiritual side of our lives. And there is certainly nothing higher than faith. Faith begins where knowledge ends. But our everyday, moment-to-moment life is a little different. It’s one thing to try to look good in front of others, and another thing to live, and along the way, be not a fairy-tale prince, but just a person with a range of emotions and feelings.

Good luck in all your endeavours. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and live forever!