On the main page – new samples of the civil lyrics
31 May 2017
In troubled times or in times of positive revolutionary changes, when emotions “go off scale” – some associated with an incredible upsurge, and others, on the contrary, with anxiety and disappointment – in the literature appear works mirroring this heat of human feelings. Real artists always sensitively capture the moods and states of people and, depending on their own sensations and philosophical comprehension of the events occurring with the global world order and personality in it, give rise to strong and exact lines.   Written today and placed on the main page of a small and huge in size underwater part of the iceberg poem without exaggeration can be attributed to the software in the work of Alexander Korotko. Such poems appear infrequently, but are memorized for a long time and, according to the prophetic words of Pavel Zagrebelny, “help to live .. In that great loneliness where we remain people in the highest meaning of this word. ”   Alexander Korotko does not have depressive works, faith does not allow the poet to be weak neither in life nor in creativity. To the reader, he always comes out collected, demanding and wise.   Changes, my friend, changes … –   So begins one of his best philosophical lyrical poems, born more than two decades ago, and here is the final stanza from the recently written, which echoes with today’s publication:   The exhaustion with coolness its breathes, But the springs’ flight unstopped as well, Changes – that’s what the heart needs, The sun is shining, the melting ice melts.   Thanks to the poet for hope!