Page Etudes is updated – About creativity
29 December 2016
New etude, as an independent work, took its place in the section Creativity / Etudes / About creativity , standing in line with other things of this genre, referring the reader to familiar names: Pushkin, Mozart, Modigliani, Mandelstam. The new etude does not have a hero, or rather, there is no specific person to whom he would be dedicated, so the text can be attributed to any real Creator – creating and making. Due to the high intensity and sincerity of the written, it is possible to say with certainty that the author has poetized his own experience, transferred his feelings and his state to the paper. It is no accident that as an illustration of the text about the birth of the Word, perhaps poetic, Bronzino’s work “Allegorical Portrait of Dante” – the last poet of the Middle Ages and the first poet of modern times – was chosen. Portrait painted about 1530 and is in the National Art Gallery of Washington.