Peter Rykhlo translated into German the essay “Celan’s Code of Eternity”
30 August 2020
This is the second, after the Ukrainian, translation of the work of Oleksandr Korotko, the poetic essay “Celan’s Code of Eternity” – now into German. The translator is Peter Rykhlo, Ukrainian Germanist, specialist in literature, translator, essayist and professor of the Department of Foreign Literature and Theory of Literature at the National University named after I. Yuri Fedkovitsky in Chernivtsi.Peter Rykhlo considered it necessary to supplement his brilliant translation with comments, so this work will be interesting in academic circles, Germanist students, as well as readers who speak German and are familiar with the poetry of Paul Celan. By the way, the first published translation of Celan’s famous “Fugue of Death” belongs to Peter Rykhlo.Alexander Korotko is grateful to the translator for his professionalism and assessment of the literary level of the original essay. According to Professor Rykhlo, he himself was interested in conveying the rhythmic cascades of the original and very talented Russian text into the German.The translation of the essay into German is posted on the website: Besides, we advise you to refer to the publication of the “Vsesvit” magazine, where its editor-in-chief Dmitry Drozdovsky, thanks to whose assistance this project was implemented, invites readers to get acquainted with two translations of the essay – into Ukrainian (Olga Ilchuk) and into German (Peter Rykhlo). And on the main page of the site read the essay of Alexander Korotko in the original language and Paul Celan’s “Fugue of Death” translated by Peter Rykhlo.