Poem Beloved by the Sun on the March blog page
28 December 2016
The arrival of spring is warmth and light, the flowering of the gardens, new colors and sounds: “the century of the winter’s truth has ended”, “biscuit air, sweeties, the day snaps the nuts of the rains, and the rainbow form eyebrows of the sky sends panic to the forest,” “the sun on the wings of birds “,” The Earth’s ball crawls as a snail out of habit in the direction of love … “- this is all from the lyrical verses of Alexander Korotko about the spring, the renewal of not only nature, but also feelings. On the March page of his literary blog – the poem of 2011 “Beloved by the Sun” is posted in full. The site (the Poem page) contains several fragments from this voluminous work. Volumetric not only by the number of lines of verse, but also surprisingly deep penetration into the fate of a woman who has learned love from its birth – until loss. Absolutely the plot thing in the absence of any specifics. Heroes have no names, no descriptions of appearance, there is not even a hint of where, when, how, in what space they exist. In the poem came the philosophy, provocation, intrigue – the reader will have to figure out why the Beloved by the Sun? What is this dialogue between Him and Her? Why the love story, so bright and piercing, simple and at the same time tragically unavailable? In short, read the poem “Beloved by the Sun,” Which in the very beginning of spring took its place on the author’s blog of Alexander Korotko.