Poems about the spring on the author’s blog page
28 December 2016
On the last March day, Alexandr Korotko’s blog was replenished with a new publication. “What a fragile time …” – under such a general heading (on the line of one of the poems) spring poetry took its place after a selection of poems about poetry. This is not accidental, because in the spring, at the end of March, the International Poetry Day that makes readers and poets especially attentive and careful to the word. In this collection of poems about spring there are many beautiful lyrical lines, but do not look for descriptiveness and beauty in this landscape spring poetry – the warmth and tenderness of a figurative system is not sentimental at all, but filled with a powerful renewal energy, freshness and purity, and philosophical thought develops the way of the mountains. Near the Korotko’s poems, according to tradition, there are works of artists of different genres and directions close to the poet. This time – reproductions of paintings by Claude Monet from museum and private collections. Why Monet? This question was answered long ago by Andrei Voznesensky: “Of course, the work of Alexander Korotko is the work of the Impressionist …”. Look for confirmation of his words in a new publication of the author’s blog