Poems by Alexander Korotko were again heard in Paris in translations in French
6 February 2019
At the end of January, the 39th extended meeting of the European Academy of Sciences, arts and literature was held in Paris. We remind you that Alexander Korotko is a member of the Academy, took part in many events related to the activities of this organization. In Paris the publishing house “L’harmattan”, he published his poetry book “Red frog”, and one of the translators of which, Dmitry Chistyakov represented the author and his literary counterpart, the Ukrainian poet Pavlo Movchan, at a great poetry slam. The evening presentation is traditionally held under the auspices of the European Academy of Sciences, arts and literature at the famous French publishing house “L’harmattan”, in associated with the General Secretary of the Academy Chevalier of the Legion of Honor Nicole Lemaire d’Agaggio. There were selected works by Alexander Korotko and Pavel Movchan translated into French. On his page on Facebook Dmitry Chistyakov wrote: “I believe that our initiative will introduce new treasures of world cultures into the European context”. On the main page of the site you can find two poems from the book “red frog”, and more-on the link: