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9 July 2019
We present to the visitors of the site two poems – “Climber” and “Alpinist”. The first one was written in 2010, the second one is a mono verse – almost ten years later. Both are undoubtedly philosophical, and despite the difference in form of poetic expression, they are not inferior to one another by the power of influence. Alexander briefly chose an extreme situation in the artistic sense, to express and confirm his attitude to such philosophical and religious categories as life, death, spirit, consciousness, freedom, will and those who are on another bowl of weight – loneliness, recklessness, fear pride. This can be continued indefinitely, since both poems are endless and only thinkers of the level of Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, who stood at the origins of the” Philosophy of life “trend, can “dissect” them, exposing the meanings. Poems of this level compel some to admire and empathize, others to envy, and even to others to become unconsciously abused, but all together – to think and turn to their own soul (of course, if there is a connection with such). In conclusion, we add that the author of these poems knows well what mountains, ascent and descent are, because in his biography was his own experience of climbing.