Poems of alexander korotko were published in the journal “Survision”
1 January 2019
A new publication of Alexander Korotko’s poems appeared at the end of 2018. The international poetic journal “SurVision”, which publishes the English poetry of neo-surrealism, both original and translated, presents three poems by Alexander Korotko. The poems were translated into English by Anatoly Kudryavitsky – the poet and the prose writer, the publisher and editor of this online journal of poetry. He also posted the news on the page of Alexander Korotko on Facebook. The journal “Survey” was founded by Anatoly Kudryavitsky in Dublin in March 2017 as a platform for new Irish and international surreal and unrealistic poetry in English. The editor strives to publish the best modern poems of different directions and schools. Alexander’s Korotko poetry, and in particular the poems of the last time that meet the aesthetics of “SurVision”, present to readers of the magazine a new author for them. Poems are published on the main page of the site on the site page ” Translations»: and also in the magazine ” SurVision»: