Poet Korotko about the poet Lermontov
28 December 2016
“You loved with desperate pain” – the full version of the essay and poems written by Alexander Korotko about the personality and work of Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov, one of the most mysterious, mystical poets, who left a literary heritage of truly global significance. October 15th marked the 200th anniversary of his birth. By this date, twelve texts, one every week, have been published on the author’s page of Alexander Korotko on the Facebook, and now, gathered together, have replenished his blog. Each of the works written by the poet Korotko about the poet Lermontov, is distinguished by subtle observations that testify to a deep understanding of the nature of creativity, a touch to the most subtle and intimate – the soul of the creator, not mature in age: … in Lermontov – almost everything about the sublime, about the spiritual, and very little about the earth … … Tired wanderer of eternal days … Lermontov tries to talk the soul … … So frankly, ruthlessly and cruelly speak, so to foresee what could happen and never will happen, could only a genius with remarkable prophecies of prophecy … Read a selection of new original works dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Mikhail Lermontov, in an October publication on the Korotko blog.